Eight roads home

4thed tryout
shadowfell keep

1 There is a voice coming from behind you. You turn around and see a small village. You are behind a temple and the woman speaking seems to be speaking to you. “His name is Kalarel and I believe he has established a secret cult near Winterhaven. You must go to Winterhaven and determine if there is any death cult activity in the area, if so you must put an end to Kalarel’s unholy ceremonies” “As agreed, you will be paid 250 gold pieces each for bringing back proof that the cult has been destroyed”. “Go to the Inn of four winds and eat and rest so you can leave in the morning”.SEE PAGE 4 HOOK: OMINOUS SIGNS FOR MORE INFO. Use the encounter from the forgotten realms adaptation as is. the man from winterhaven will accompany the party to his home town avoiding any combat along the way. He is also a follower of pelor as well as bahamut. His name is Gevarn He is on his way home to warn his Lady Linora at the temple of the possibility of death cult of Orcus being in the area. Gevarn has spoken to Marla about a dream he had and about some men he passed on his journey from winterhaven. ADJUST CONVERSATION WITH GEVARN ACCORDING TO THESE FACTS.

Inn of Four Winds

Gevarn will secure rooms for the group and travel supplies for the trip to winterhaven. The group can look around the village but will find no other info on the cult. If they go to the general store they will meet Douvan Staul’s wife Floren. She will tell them that her husband is an avid explorer and has not returned from the area around winterhaven. He had gone in search of a dragon’s tomb and possibly it’s buried horde. He is long over due and Floren is very worried. She promises that Douvan can reward them upon his safe return if they would be so kind as to look out for him on their trip to Winterhaven.

what went on before

Called originally to fight the evil rising at the caves of chaos First run in with cult, kobold ninja’s Hlin slips in Each given a secret agenda Cult of the eye involvement and attempt to discover source Minotaurs horn Slynrhanna and autumn Cult and the bugbears too many (re)quests Run in with evil party Ilithids take feith Kobolds ambush Party changes paladin no more Slynrhanna sent away with kendall Return Goram’s heart lady of the lake Pretty lady stoned Kendall to the rescue Half dragon half demon hlin and the evil cups Collapse of caves discover tomb of horrors Zach and bane lost Horrid storm Bane returned Search for zach Black tower revealed Elementaly my dear shifter Trip to desert Lion staff Bounty hunter Behold the roper Return to keep village of peace and love? North to the barbarian lands The great battle Mac and zach lost Another world throught he eyes of a child Shadowfell and another cult Kobolds rituals in the dark Goblin cave Tornado Off to the keep Slaver’s The keep and the little boy Goblins and rats Splug Fire in the hall Where is everybody Skeletons out of the closet Bahamut revealed Heros at rest Starchild returned Down below we go

Eight Roads Home
In the Land of Faerun

8 Roads Home In the Land of Faerun

You have just defeated Kalarel, high priest of Orcus. Mystra and Tyr have revealed themselves to you and charged you with the mission of carrying a message to Elminster, that Mystra lives. You are to tell no one else. The Portal that once led to the shadow fell is now filled with light, its surface takes on a silvery sheen and you step into it another step closer to home. Once you step into the portal you are surrounded by a fine silvery mist. You are all garbed in White robes, Daksa swirls and becomes one with the mist and is gone. There are powerful presences here with you and you hear voices of encouragement and words of advice. SEEKER: Seek among those who hunt you for allies and when the time comes strike a bargain with the keeper. Exchange his service for the lost tablet of stone that is one of the eight. Stay true. GROUND OFFICER TACTICTS and HEALING: Your people suffer in darkness, bring them the light of Pelor and the freedom you have found there in, There is still one working soul forge and it is an abomination destroy it and bring your kind into the light. HOPE: The one you seek now seeks you as well, be careful for in finding each other you may both be lost. There are some wounds that cannot be healed. Choose what path to take and stay true. HLIN: A great thief once amassed a huge treasure and retired only to spend his remaining days fighting those who would take what he himself had stolen Destiny surrounds you and there are things no one can take away, who is the richest amongst the Stars.

JUSTIN: The one you once served has been freed, Hextor and Cyric are one beware their anger. Orcus has marked you as an enemy but you have powerful allies. Become the raging storm you were meant to be and your enemies will fly before you like leaves in the wind. Stay true. ZACH: Magic herself has touched you serve her well and the rewards will be great. Your power lies in your ability to shape it to your needs. Free yourself from tomes and spells and make Art, for Magic was the first and greatest of all the Arts. AZULA: You come from two heritages do not forget either or both will be lost to you. You are becoming, choose carefully what you will become for the darkness will entice you with more than treasure. Stay true.

You all see forms shaping in the mists, Huge humanoid shapes with wings of flames. They fly around you and the mists begin to fade, beyond you see a village of huts the wind is icy cold and all around the village is glacial Ice and snow. You are each taken to a hut by one of the winged creatures. Inside you find objects familiar and new. Rewards Adventure’s kit deluxe edition: Handy Haversack, Bed roll of elemental endurance, Fire Stone, Everlasting Provisions for 1. 100’ silk rope, Ever burning torch, Self filling water skin. Full snow suit with Heavy Boots Regular set of clothes A money pouch with several pockets containing the following:

100 each of copper silver and gold pieces 10 rubies worth 100 gold pieces each 10 emeralds worth 50 gold pieces each 1 Diamond worth 1000 gold pieces each

Ring of silver with the symbol of TYR value unknown light aura of magic Necklace with a glowing gem in a cage of gold wire the gem changes color constantly value unknown light aura of magic

VENOM White Cloak of the Spider(MIC 148), Sting, Vicious long sword +1, Hand Crossbow, 12 sleep bolts, +2 Veteran’s Hide Armor(AV55)

GOTH War-forged +1 Breaching Plate(AV43), War-forged Multi weapon sword, Axe, mace. War-forged +3 Javelin Cannon 6 shot. War-forged Heavy Shield +1. Docent. War-forged Holy Symbol of Pelor.

HOPE Seeker +2 long sword, +1 vicious short sword, +2 leather of resistance Necrotic 5.

SHADOW RUNNER Black Tower Vest(AC 4 Ref+1, Stealth +2,Thievery +2). Heavy repeating crossbow (3 SPARE CLIPS). 6 +1 shurikens (returning).

STORM Blue Dragon Scale Armor(AV), Brutal 2 Great Sword of Storms. Greaves of the Storm Walker. +2 Thundering Great Bow. Bracers of Lightning

SHIFTER Rod, Wand, Staff, Orb, Chain Belt, GEORGE! 1st level humanoid flyer Warlock with magic pact(Mystra) +2 Int, +2 Wis +1 ref Small size Speed 5 Fly 6 good Dark vision 60’ ENC Negate Magic Aura 5 once per enc George can completely negate any 1 magic effect If a permanent effect it is negated till the end of the enc Magic Pact: Whenever George spends an action point instead of gaining another action, he regains the use of an expended power When an enemy under Georges curse is reduced to 0 hp George moves up 1 point in that encounters initiative rank this is cumulative. S: 11 C: 12 D: 13 I: 18 W: 17 CH: 14

FIRE BLAST AECRIS, +2 Flaming Great Bow, Chromatic Rod, +1 Dragon Sword of Breath Storing. Gold Dragon Hide Armor.

DAKSA Your body turns to mist and you fly through the air towards what you know is home. Large creatures with wings of flame and radiant swords fly with and around you singing songs of welcome and joy. You see yourself in front of you and the misty you swirls through and around her becoming one. You grow and sprout wings of your own as you feel celestial power and the warmth of Pelor’s sun course through you. The Celestials around you present you with gifts, Angel Steel Chain Mail, A Shield of deflection +2 ( 1st 10 pts of missile dam) A Radiant Morning Star made like gold with a fiery sun for a head the flames of the sun sharp spikes and blades. A Sun Disc of Pelor given to his chosen few. And a healing stone that works like a healing word +3 or once it can be used to channel a permanently sacrificed healing surge to heal all damage no matter how great, even from death and then the stone will be gone. Ice Flow your Polar Bear companion is there to great you as well, He bows to you “Daughter of the Sun, Welcome Home”.

After getting dressed and gearing up you all head out to the central fire. All of you are closer to your true selves. The elder of the village has arranged a hero’s feast in your honor. There is music and dancing and many shows of ability. You are told to enjoy the festivities and relax for this short time, for in the morning you must leave and the journey across the lake will be a long one, but for now, enjoy the feast. As with all good things the feast ends too soon and you go to your huts to sleep for a few hours. Morning comes too quick and you rouse yourselves and head to the beach where the boats await you. There are 2 large catamaran style Kayaks 1 for the very heavy Goth, and 1 for Venom, Daksa and Supplies. Everyone else gets their own including 2 special kayaks for Rikki Tikki and for Ice Flow. Good byes are short and sweet, and you are on your way. The journey ahead of you is some 150 plus miles of icy open water. You look back one last time and wave to those on the beach, and soon they fade from view as does the beach itself, all around you now is water as far as the eye can see. Daksa assures you that you are on course and that everything will be fine.


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