Eight roads home

what went on before


Called originally to fight the evil rising at the caves of chaos First run in with cult, kobold ninja’s Hlin slips in Each given a secret agenda Cult of the eye involvement and attempt to discover source Minotaurs horn Slynrhanna and autumn Cult and the bugbears too many (re)quests Run in with evil party Ilithids take feith Kobolds ambush Party changes paladin no more Slynrhanna sent away with kendall Return Goram’s heart lady of the lake Pretty lady stoned Kendall to the rescue Half dragon half demon hlin and the evil cups Collapse of caves discover tomb of horrors Zach and bane lost Horrid storm Bane returned Search for zach Black tower revealed Elementaly my dear shifter Trip to desert Lion staff Bounty hunter Behold the roper Return to keep village of peace and love? North to the barbarian lands The great battle Mac and zach lost Another world throught he eyes of a child Shadowfell and another cult Kobolds rituals in the dark Goblin cave Tornado Off to the keep Slaver’s The keep and the little boy Goblins and rats Splug Fire in the hall Where is everybody Skeletons out of the closet Bahamut revealed Heros at rest Starchild returned Down below we go



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