Eight roads home

Slynrhana's Songs


Slynrhanna’s Battle Song

Hear evil ones dark storm has come the elements let fly, we’ve tracked you down and now the time has come for you to die. Dark one revealed with fists of steel and one brings Dragons fire; we’ve come to set the balance right, much to your Masters Ire. Quake now with fear the time is near and soon you all shall die, for righteous wrath has set our path, we hold our banner high. Defeat has come it’s time to run for hope with us resides, your temple we shall raze this night and seal your Lord’s demise.

Song of healing

Good friends attend the words I sing and fill your hearts with light, Your muscles strong your lives be long and refreshed by the night, hear me now friends; your bodies mend and rest your tired mind we leave the battlefield and all our wounds so far behind.



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