Eight roads home

More and more changes

Well the crew experienced more of the unexpected today. Hlin aka shadowrunner was claimed by the dwarfs as their queen and left the party to rule her people. Storm pulled an ancient artifact from an anvil and was transformed into a Dwarf. Tempest joined the party as a temp to replace shadow runner. They scouted out the drow outpost only to discover that it is overrun by abyssal creatures. George has retrained as a sorcerer and flick has taken on the role of spirit guide. just a few minor changes to the group dynamic.Oh and was that Kalarel they heard laughing in the cave during the battle with the Abyssal ghoul, battle wights, drow, and the drider? Tempest survived the first battle can she find her place within the group? Venoms sacrifice led the team to victory, but it was close venom, very close. Daksa and El Jew-Bear were with the priests of Moradin the whole time Sharing information and trying to solve the puzzle of the stones. The Dwarfs have similar stones called story stones that when laid out in proper sequence tell the history of their dwarven clan and the special mission they were given by Moradin to mine the Uru-thrai-Ell. A strange and powerful ore that allows the making of fantastic magical devices.



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