Eight roads home

Illithid plot rervealed

old world

The Illithid Plot Revealed

Shortly after the Illithids come and take Feith an old man will appear in camp. He will be dressed in a tattered robe that obviously covers ancient armor. He seems very old yet timeless. He walks to wherever Justin is and begins to speak. How proudly you bear the markings of the WHITE TOWER, how pretty it shines with magic meant to keep it clean so no-one would doubt its source. (He pulls out a human skull with the mark of the white tower burned into the forehead) This woman recognized those who did this to her. She felt the protection of the law as her body burned away while all the while she pleaded for her children’s lives. Order and Justice were surely served by her tortuous death and the acquisition of her children. There once was a time when The Law Protects the People, Order and Justice Serve the Realm’ was heard throughout these lands, but now the Law protects it self and order and justice serve the Law only. Do you know that they are planning to tear down your lofty tower and replace it with a new one; they will call it the tower of Skulls for from the skulls of its victims it will be built. The tower you so Proudly serve is now covered in Blood and the markings of the cult of the Eye. Cordova has fallen and the people try to flee to the North. Whom Do You Serve PALADIN? Heironeious is fallen and his Brother now rules the realm. All is falling into darkness and Hope has fled for distant shores. The towers have either fallen or are under siege. Gorams Head and Gorams Deep are cut off from the rest of the realm. The under realm is taken by the drow and the Ilithids and all manner of foul creature. Whom do you serve PALADIN? The Barbarians to the North bravely hold their land and welcome refugees, but how long can they last once they draw the attention of this swarm of evil? Ask Yourself PALDIN, Whom do you serve? Be sure of your answer and when you have it written on your heart and not your sword, look to these whom fate and destiny have brought to you.(he gestures to all of you) You are all part of the Web and the Weave The Wheel of time has turned and brought you to this here and now together all of you. You are beyond unique, far beyond the reach of those like this woman he holds up the skull and addresses all of you You must continue Your quest and be true to your selves. Find the evil that lies in the shadows; bring light to the realm once again. Save this world, for there are other worlds than this that will fall should this one perish. You are woven together with the threads of fate, Do what must be done to save the tapestry that is this reality. Do not repeat the past DO NOT give in to despair Do not forget WHO YOU ARE. He whistles loud and long, and a Silver dragon lands beside him, he leaps into the saddle on the Dragon’s neck and together they burst into the air. A small piece of cloth drifts down out of the darkness, it is a simple crest, one like that of a household servant. On it is a white tower stitched in humble thread.


Slynrhanna steps forward and clears her throat. He was one of the ancient ones from the original white tower.Once long long ago the Dragons and the Knights of the White Tower made a pact to protect the world from evil. Together they flew all around the world watching over and caring for those in need. They covered the world in light, but that light could not reach beneath the ground. The under Dark was where the great Red Dragon King Aurafeurous lived and ruled. He built an army of Dragons and convinced the Drow that they had been sent below by the Elves above to humiliate them. He gathered all manner of evil creature to himself and then called out to the stars and brought evil from other planes to him. The Illithids came and Dopplegangers and all manner of evil extraplanar creature until the world could no longer hold them. The Protectors and the great druids tried to heal the world, but the cancer within was too great. It burst out and took to the sky and war was everywhere. The protectors held their ground and would have won, but darkness touched the hearts of man. Kings were tempted with power beyond measure, and some loved the sound of steel on steel, Necromancers promised eternal life and glory, and the heart of man grew weak. There was betrayal after betrayal and army turned on army until the only victor was death and chaos. Eventually a sort of stalemate was reached. Many dark creature returned to the underdark but many stayed above and moved to mountain, swamp, desert forest, river, lake and sea. The Elves grew distrustful of man and withdrew, The Dwarves grew distrustful of everyone and went to their mountains, the Halflings withdrew to pastoral settings fearing most others, the gnomes went to the hills to begin their attempts to recover the technology and magic that was lost in the war. The Libraries were all burned and the great towers lay in ruins, the great roads soon became covered with grass and weeds, and mankind divided and spread themselves thinly across the whole of the world. When Goram came to the realm He brought new hope with him and made the realm the new jewel of the world, but as always Jewels attract the eyes of thieves and I fear that once again war rises like a tidal wave ready to wash away all we know and love. Cut off from the Keep The group that escorted the merchant and his wife return. They tell you that they met some folk from the Minotaurs horn, and the Merchant and his wife went with them to the Horn. The Keep has been compromised and the castellan appears to have gone mad. Braumfeld and Rockgut are fortifying the Inn and there is a powerful mage there helping them build defenses. We are pretty much on our own now. Braumfeld said that we can see him when our mission here is done. He thinks it is very important for us to finish what we have started. You can see smoke north of skymount from the inn. SO… You are cut off from the keep and you basically have what you have here to keep yourselves supplied. The good news is Kendall came prepared to be here for quite some time. You have enough supplies to last you about two weeks with all the people and animals you have, plus you found more supplies in the caves. Chances are that there are even more supplies, and possibly more prisoners to rescue that could add to your forces. If necessary you could move the entire camp into the cave you secured so far and defend yourselves from there better than you could with everything out in the open. One of your party is missing, but you did find a note saying that he will be back soon, and to continue on without him the best you can. So…. The question is; What are you going to do now?



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