Eight roads home

death of your friends

old gicma

1The death of your friends was affected by the elder magic and it’s rules are stronger and different from those you know. Many attempts have been made to return your friends to life or to retrieve their bodies at least but all have failed, even the power of the wish ring is not enough to bring them back. You have discussed every possibility for retrieving your fallen comrades. The shaman tells you that there is another world with a portal to the world of the dead. The world is fragile and protected by powerful guardians who will destroy any who threaten it’s balance. The only way to enter this world is through the eyes of the children who see. This is a group of youths who will someday become shamans or seers. He tells you that you will change as you enter this world and take on the ways of the new world you may also end up brining aspects of the new world with you when you return with your friends. You will automatically return with your comrades when you find them, you won’t have to do anything. When you return the gateway to that world will be gone and you will not be able to return unless you find another portal. He will take you to the caverns of tomorrow when you are ready to go. The caverns of tomorrow are carved from the oldest ice and yet they are not any colder than a normal cave. The children are gathered into a circle and you are each paired with a child. You sit across from each other and look deep into the child’s eyes. You begin to see small lights and then you have the sensation of moving forward as a small world comes into view. You are pulled towards this world and feel yourself lean forward and fall as if you leaned to far in a chair. Wind rushes past your face and you can feel changes in your appearance as you adapt to this strange small world. When you wake from this trance you find yourself standing in a field, the sun shines warm on your face and you feel reborn. You have changed, but you are still you inside. This disguise will have to be explored and tested. You are together and you are not alone.



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