Eight roads home

A Rising Storm


A Rising STORM Heironeious Appears before Justin in a vision. I heard your wish and I know your heart and you are right. The Law has been compromised and Order and Justice have fled the realm. I can no longer aid you beyond what I am about to do. My brother has usurped my throne and many evils threaten the realm aye even the whole of this world and countless others after it. You wished to be a pure fighter, my fighter, my perfect storm. I shall reshape you, and you will become my whirlwind. Rain down destruction on my enemies, move fast and fiercely without mercy for those who stand against you. Dark as the sky you shall become with lightning in your hands and power in your arms. I Name you STORM. And I unleash you upon my enemies a whirlwind of vengeance. Go now and cleanse the world of evil, rage on until the sun returns and there is no shadow left for evil to hide within. Heironeious leaves and your armor, sword and shield rust away to nothing. Before you lays a suit of simple armor, blue and grey like a storm cloud, and a great two handed sword shaped like a lightning bolt. The horse shoes you were given on sky mount are now on the hooves of a mighty and Dark War Horse with a white lightning bolt on its hindquarters. It jumps into the air and hovers shoulder height above the ground, the sound of rushing wind accompanies it’s every stride. You feel stronger than you ever have, and quick as lightning, you are ready, you are fierce, you are STORM.



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