Eight roads home

A Fall into Darkness

Hope was revealed as a Doppleganger clone spy working for the Illithids to track the paties activities. Feith returned just in time to stop hope from killing off the entire party. Goth was taken by a small druergar army to the city of the Druergar, They had the remains of the warforged dog left behind and had reverse engineered it with their artificers. They keyed a ritual of holding to Goth through the dog and took him without a fight. Severoth an ambitious tiefling looking for a way to get to the underdark joined up with the team when he learned of their intent to journey to the underdark. On the way to the Horned Hold an earth quake struck sheering the entire wall and cliff side the Pcs traveled on throwing them down into the chasm below. The north fortress punched through the chasm floor and opened an even deeper hole leading to the underdark. Some of the party met a Demonweb spider and managed to destroy it. The others found a small city of Dwarfs who took them in and When they saw Hlin, made her their queen, revealing a statue of her with a picture behind it depicting aspects of many party members. All the PCs were reunited when the dwarves sent runners to locate the few that had fallen to the lower level. A secret door was found in the spider cave that connected to the Dwarf tunnel system.



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