Eight roads home

4thed tryout

shadowfell keep

1 There is a voice coming from behind you. You turn around and see a small village. You are behind a temple and the woman speaking seems to be speaking to you. “His name is Kalarel and I believe he has established a secret cult near Winterhaven. You must go to Winterhaven and determine if there is any death cult activity in the area, if so you must put an end to Kalarel’s unholy ceremonies” “As agreed, you will be paid 250 gold pieces each for bringing back proof that the cult has been destroyed”. “Go to the Inn of four winds and eat and rest so you can leave in the morning”.SEE PAGE 4 HOOK: OMINOUS SIGNS FOR MORE INFO. Use the encounter from the forgotten realms adaptation as is. the man from winterhaven will accompany the party to his home town avoiding any combat along the way. He is also a follower of pelor as well as bahamut. His name is Gevarn He is on his way home to warn his Lady Linora at the temple of the possibility of death cult of Orcus being in the area. Gevarn has spoken to Marla about a dream he had and about some men he passed on his journey from winterhaven. ADJUST CONVERSATION WITH GEVARN ACCORDING TO THESE FACTS.

Inn of Four Winds

Gevarn will secure rooms for the group and travel supplies for the trip to winterhaven. The group can look around the village but will find no other info on the cult. If they go to the general store they will meet Douvan Staul’s wife Floren. She will tell them that her husband is an avid explorer and has not returned from the area around winterhaven. He had gone in search of a dragon’s tomb and possibly it’s buried horde. He is long over due and Floren is very worried. She promises that Douvan can reward them upon his safe return if they would be so kind as to look out for him on their trip to Winterhaven.



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