Eight characters some from different worlds brought together by forces beyond their imagining, are given a mission to re-unite the Elves, the Eladrin, and the Drow, and to prepare the world for the return of Mystra and Tyr. They have gained the animosity of names such as Orcus, Cyric, and Tiamat, such a young group to have made such daunting enemies. They seek the door of worlds in order to return home and gain entrance to the now sealed areas of the Underdark. Drow, Illithids, Undead, Dragons, and more stand in the path before them. Venom, their leader an expatriate Drow, warlord, has vowed to see this through to the end and to get them all there in one piece. All of them wish to return home, Eight roads home, if only they can find the door. The eight have become nine and the road home seems no closer. The door of worlds lies either behind them or further still into the underdark. They have made new friends lost old friends and discovered that sometimes friends are not your friends after all. They press on regrouping and preparing to enter the Demon Queens Enclave. A Drow outpost over run by ghouls and other abyssal creatures. Seeking the eight stones of truth, they now seek the Keeper to make a deal for the third stone.

Eight roads home

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